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Company Policy

The Company may provide and make available to the clients certain information regarding our business, including with some limitation:

  • Various sales and marketing information.
  • Actual and potential customer and lead names, addresses, telephone numbers, and specific Characteristics.
  • Mailing details.
  • Sales report forms.
  • Pending projects or proposals.
  • Methods of production (including quality control and packaging).
  • Business plans and projections, including new product, facility or expansion plans.
  • Pricing information (such as price lists, quotation guides, previous or outstanding quotations, equipment prices, or billing information).
  • Estimating programs and methodology.
  • The techniques used in, approach, or result of any market research.
  • Advertising sources.
  • Financial information about the Company.
  • Customer information reports.
  • Mailing plans and programs.
  • All known salary information or employment contract language or terms, except for the employee’s own salary information or employment contract language or terms.

Whether written or verbal, or contained on computer hardware or software, disk, tape, microfiche or other media (“Information”). This Information is of substantial value, highly confidential and is not known to the general public. It is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy, constitutes the professional and trade secrets of the Company, and is being provided and disclosed to you solely for use in connection with your employment by the Company.

  • Will regard and preserve the Information as highly confidential and the trade secrets of the Company.
  • Will not disclose, nor permit to be disclosed, any of the Information to any person or entity, absent written consent and approval from the Company.
  • Will not photocopy or duplicate, and will not permit any person to photocopy or duplicate, any of the Information without the Company’s written consent and approval.
  • Will not make any use of Information for their own benefit or the benefit of any person or entity other than the Company.
  • Will return all Information to the Company immediately upon request for it.
  • Will immediately contact the Company if any client or customer of the Company contacts you after termination or resignation of your employment with the Company.