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List of Major Works in 2011-2012

Construction of TMR Complex at Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Budget (In Crore): 9.82 (in progress)

Civil works for the construction of two-tier parking for handover at MSIL Gurgaon.

Budget (In Crore): 18.94 (in progress)

Construction of Lecture Hall, School of Languages, Deptt. Of drawings, painting.

Budget (In Crore): 17.29 (in progress)

Civil works for SND II Parking at MSIL Gurgaon Plant.

Budget (In Crore): 9.22 (in progress)

Construction of Class Room Complex at SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat.

Budget (In Crore): 28.78 (in progress)

Construction of Plant for DNH at Plot No. SP2-66 Neemrana( Rajasthan)

Budget (In Crore): 13.00 (in progress)

Construction of Engineering College and Yogic Sience Garhwal, Uttrakhand

Budget (In Crore): 20.19 (in progress)

Construction of INERGY Factory Building at Sanad Gujarat

Budget (In Crore): 16.00 (in progress)

Construction of Hotel Building at Neemrana

Budget (In Crore): 14.05 (in progress)

Total Values (In Crore):