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List of Major Works in 2010-2011

Construction of Two Tier Parking for Handing Over Vehicals at SND Area - MSIL Gurgaon

Budget (In Lacs): 1909.00 (Completed)

Construction Work for the Commonization of SND & STC Area in MSIL Gurgaon

Budget (In Lacs): 1039.00 (Completed)

Construction of Two Tier Parking - MSIL Gurgaon

Budget (In Lacs): 890.00 (Completed)

Construction of Harvesting Machines Manufacturing plant - Patial for John Deere

Budget (In Lacs): 521.00 (Completed)

Construction of Multi Storied Technology Building - Saharanpur for IIT Roorkee

Budget (In Lacs): 1896.00 (Completed)

Construction of Lecture Hall School of Languages, Deptt. Of Drawing, Painting & Music

Budget (In Lacs): 1728.00 (Completed)

Construction of Driver Training - Kaithal, Haryana

Budget (In Lacs): 1154.00 (Completed)

Construction of TMR Building - Ahmedabad

Budget (In Lacs): 982.00 (Completed)

Total Values (In Lacs):